Friday, July 10, 2009

"elephant ice cubes"

My mom and sister were cleaning out the house and found a cookbook my sister and I made when we were 6, judging by the other side of the recycled paper we used.  It's done in sparkly metallic crayon and is entitled "Grose Respies."   It includes recipes for "Elephant Ice Cubes", "Hair and Hellacopter Soup", "Penguin Suap", "Slug and Snail Stew", "Garbig and Paper Stew", and "Peanut Butter and Crayon Sandwich."

So, here's Elephant Ice Cubes:  (sic; caution, not actually edible)

Makes 100.

1 elephant, 10 freezers.
1. Take the tusks off.
2. Grind the elephant. (Chop the elphant and take out the bones)
3. Pour poader in to mash.
4. Freeze

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