Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hello Internet

I've been thinking about the idea of starting a blog for a while.  There's nothing I love more than eating (except possibly for linguistics).  And for the time being, a food-related career is my not-so-secret backup plan if grad school doesn't work out.

I aspire to cook good food for all seasons.  What is tasty in/for the summer is not so great for a winter meal.  Recipes will be labeled for the season, and with the major flavors of the dish.  

I also want to make food that reaches out to everyone-- you will find here both recipes for vegan dishes and those containing copious amounts of butter and bacon.  This will also be tagged (but I hope even the most die-hard carnivore will reach out and try something that just happens to be vegan once in a while).  

I have also been thinking about styles of cooking.  Consider the baker (measures everything carefully, follows a protocol) and the chef (no measuring, the recipe is a guideline and nothing else).  I hope to list recipes for both sides here too.

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